MT offers Media Communication Services to Organizations based outside Pakistan

We deliver Media Communication Services in Pakistan and Neighboring Regions.

Experience, dedication, and passion across all channels and disciplines of Audio-Visual Creations and Campaigning

Geographical Understanding

If you are trying to operate in Pakistan, the playing field can be tricky as there are challenges that can possibly hinder progress. With a team having extensively travelled throughout Pakistan and worked in Pakistani Media Communication Eco-System for years, MT assures you that those problems seem like a breeze to us.

Services Detail and Market

Audio-Visual Creations and Dissemination is what we do for Corporations, Strategy Communication Companies, Research Organizations, Advertising Agencies, Educational Institutes, TV Channels, Donors, NGOs, Film Producers, Filmmakers, and Campaigners. MT provides end to end solution in Audio-Visual Production and Campaigning. Researchers, Copywriters, Script and Screenplay writers, Directors, Camera-Persons, DOPs, Editors, Visualizers, Photographers, Audio Producers, Music Composers, Sound Designers, Media Planners, Media Strategists at MT have made a plethora of creations possible, ranging from Profile Stories, Documentaries, Corporate Films, Short Films, Reports, Travelogues, Photography, Video Coverages, Ariel Filming, Ariel Photography, Magazine Programs, Talk shows, TV Shows and successful campaigns using modern equipment and language diversity as our strengths.

Technical Strength

When it comes to technical capacity, our team is second to none. Having worked with almost every audio-visual medium from phone cameras to CCTV to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and 4k cameras, our team has a certain degree of prowess rarely found anywhere else.

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